Collection: Marolize Southwood

Marolize Southwood ( b. 1994, South Africa) is a multidisciplinary artist and creator originally from Viljoenskroon, Free State. She received her BAFA from the University of Cape Town in 2017, majoring in Photography.

While her personal practice is ever expanding and she regularly ventures into new mediums and creative avenues, she is mostly known for her work as a painter.

Her colourful, idyllic and often humorous imagery explore notions of identity, self reflection, intimacy, space, nature and self fulfilment in the post digital world.

Her paintings use bold, joyful, and textured brushwork, along with an elaborate impasto technique that creates expressive and sculptural surfaces.
Southwood’s work uses paint and it’s texture as an active participant in the image making itself. Reflecting on a world that is mostly viewed remotely via screens, her sculptural, tactile work is a direct reaction to the two-dimensional digital plane we constantly interact with.

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