Collection: Ludwich Olivier

Born in 1986 in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, Ludwich Olivier grew up in a creative family. His mother ran a ceramics studio at home, and his father was an inventor, fostering an environment that nurtured his artistic talents from a young age.

During his high school years, Ludwich was greatly influenced by an open-minded art teacher who helped him excel, leading to a distinction in art. His sister has also been a constant source of inspiration throughout his career.

Ludwich's journey into working with glass began quite by accident, but he quickly fell in love with the medium. He enjoys the process, likening it to being a human printer, and relishes the surprise of seeing the final piece once it's completed.

Ludwich has held four solo shows at Chandler House in Cape Town and has exhibited at esteemed venues such as Cavalli, Artvark, and Olive Green Cat. His passion for creating art is unwavering, and he can't imagine doing anything else.