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Our team searches across South Africa to bring you a curated art collection that is accessible, beautiful and relevant.

We understand that art is personal, which is why we work closely with our clients to understand taste, style and budget. From contemporary to traditional, our diverse collection strives to meet the needs of our various clients.

Art under R5000

Browse the collection of original artwork and limited edition prints, all under R5000. A perfect choice for a gift for someone special.

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Featured Artist - Jackie Veldman

Jackie Veldman

Jackie (b. 1982) is a Cape Town based artist who spent a... 

Jackie (b. 1982) is a Cape Town based artist who fearlessly experiments with color combinations and textures in her captivating works. She draws inspiration from the natural world that surrounds her; the beauty of trees and flowers serves as a continuous muse, guiding her artistic choices and infusing her pieces with a sense of organic vibrancy.

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