Collection: Stephanie Eichler

Stephanie Eichler (b. 1980) hails from South Africa but resides and works in Cannes, France.
She is inspired by this duality of her upbringing in the culturally vibrant Cape Town and the tranquil but beautiful Côte d’Azur.

She graduated from Cape College in Fine Art and followed that up with a diploma at Design Academy of Fashion (DAF). Shortly thereafter, Stephanie was selected as a finalist at the Cape Town Fashion Week’s Young Designer Award and was promptly swept up by the glamorous world of Haute couture, working as an apprentice for Rosenworth and Christian Gabriele Du Toit. Remnants of her high fashion days can be seen in some of her art pieces.

Inspired a lot by nature, Stephanie also tries to capture the raw essence of what makes nature beautiful, even when it’s not perfect. “It’s in the imperfection that natural beauty is found”, says Stephanie. Her body of work brings a unique transatlantic influence to both continents and, therefore, resonates with both local and international audiences. Stephanie’s art has been exhibited at the acclaimed Miramar in Cannes. She now lives in Cannes La Bocca with her 3 children, a dachshund, chickens and bunny rabbit.