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Chloe Townsend

Following The Thread

Following The Thread

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Following The Thread

Cowhide hand woven with a variety of leathers

210 x 124cm

Supplied with rod to hang, ready to hang


About this artwork

Cape Town Furniture Week kicked off with a burst of newness at Anatomy Design, featuring the exceptional work of Chloë Townsend. Her artwork, aptly named "Following the Thread," encapsulates a profound journey of transformation.

Amidst the pivotal moment of closing the iconic Missibaba, Chloë committed herself to this artwork, guided by intuition and an unwavering dedication to what yearned to be unveiled. In this vibrant piece, you'll discover mesmerizing color fields, geometric diamonds, undulating waves, and bold blocks of color – each element a manifestation of the artist's intuitive exploration. Chloë's process reflects a profound philosophy; she held space for the unknown, an electrifying and terrifying experience that she embraces.

"Following the Thread" isn't just a visual spectacle; it holds a potent dream space capable of stirring transformative shifts within. Chloë Townsend invites you to appreciate not just the artistry but the thinking embedded in this creation. As she embarks on a new chapter from her renowned leather accessories business to full-time artistry, this work stands as a testament to resilience, creativity, and the beauty found in embracing the unknown. May it find a home that resonates with the depth of its meaning.


Chloë Townsend 

Chloë Townsend is an artist perhaps better known for her slow fashion leather accessories under the label Missibaba. Her shift in materials and new approach to art making flows from the same creative source as her leather-crafted goods. Her deep fascination with the natural world was instilled in her childhood growing up at the foot of a mountain. The space and exploration she experienced then, continues to inspire the content, designs, colour and rhythm of her creative output today. Townsend is fascinated by the multifaceted nature of ecosystems. Mosses, miniplants, insects and the bigger beasts and trees, all co-existing in a layering of worlds miraculously in balance with one another. Her recent works function as portals to an imaginary evocation of this complex natural beauty. The Artist mainly works with paper and leather mediums. For her paper-based pieces, she works in vibrant colour layers of gouache on a translucent acrylic base and includes collaged, painted elements to evoke a three-dimensional quality. Detail is added in pencil crayon and gold leaf. These mediums enable her to evolve works organically and spontaneously as they are fast drying and conducive to painting light over dark. Townsend's leather pieces are bold and striking. Many of the works are interactive with a strong sense of playfulness. The works are often displayed as wallhangings but she also creates pieces which are sewn and mounted on canvas. Ultimately, Townsend relishes the ideal of beauty in her works and sees them as oases of dreaming and peace amidst the wilder energies of the modern world.




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